Since 1982, the Redhound Varsity Club has given over $1,631,800 to the athletic departments at Corbin High School through the year 2016.


Donations Annual Donation Total
Annual Donation to Corbin High School $18,000 $630,000
Track $50,000
Baseball seats & canopy $40,000
Softball seats & canopy $30,000
Weights & equipment $30,000
Field house (in kind donation) $500,000
Field house (Insured and valued at $1,200,000) $305,000
Tennis Bleachers $6,800
Track Reconstruction (2007) $40,000
Total $1,631,800

In addition to these contributions, the Redhound Varsity Club sponsors the annual Cumberland Falls Pigskin Classic.  With the proceeds from this event, the football team receives $3,500, the Corbin Middle School Football $500 and the JROTC $400.  We also sponsor the annual Cumberland Falls Invitational Tournament
.  Our basketball team receives an average of $1,200 per year from the proceeds of this tournament.

The Varsity Club has provided additional financial support to the athletic teams at Corbin High School to help with expenses they incur when competing at the district, region, state and national levels.